Intulon 18Gb/min USB 3.1 Flash Drive/Memory Card/Micro SD Card Media Duplicator/Copier/Secure Disk Wiper (7 Targets)

Intulon 18Gb/min USB 3.1 Flash Drive/Memory Card/Micro SD Card Media Duplicator/Copier/Secure Disk Wiper (7 Targets)

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Product Description

USB 3.1 Flash Drive | Hard Drive | SD Card Content Duplicator and Secure Wiper (7 Targets - DFP-7A) by Intulon

Product description

Intulon DFP-7 USB Duplicator is a device for making duplicate copies of the content of USB data storage devices. Examples of storage devices that the duplicator can copy includes:

  • Flash drives or thumb drives

  • USB hard drives (SSD or magnetic platter drives)

  • SD and micro SD cards (using card readers/writers)

        Data in USB storage devices can be copied using a computer but making use of the duplicator has several important advantages:

  • Intulon duplicators are standalone and do not require a computer to function. (Some other duplicators require connection to a computer to function.) This makes it easy to produce duplicates out in the field where it might be inconvenient to set up a computer.

  • Using a computer to make duplicates increases the chance of introducing human errors into the operation.

  • Depending on the file system on the master disk, a high level of software expertise might be required to make duplicates e.g. linux OS disks, encrypted disks and bootable disks.
    The only expertise required to operate Intulon duplicators is the ability to press a button.

  • The duplicator is able to make duplicates very few steps and the data copy rate is very fast.

  • The duplicator can clone and format multiple drives at a time and it can do it very fast. Target drives do not need pre-formatting - the duplicator takes care of that.

  • Unique to Intulon duplicators is the ability to analyze target disks and verify that they can store the amount of data claimed in their specification.

Use cases

The primary functions of the USB duplicator are to copy data and check drives for authenticity but there is no limit to the number of ways it can be used. Here are a few examples:

  • Sanitizing a drive of questionable status to protect yourself from computer viruses and malware
  • Photographers making multiple copies of event photos for distribution to guests.

  • A lecturer making copies of teaching materials to distribute to students.

  • A company securely erasing multiple SD cards or flash drives prior to disposing them or re-purposing them.

  • Cloning bootable operating system SD cards for Raspberry Pi.

  • Cloning and making backup copies of encrypted hard drives.

  • Mass formatting of drives to  FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT or EXT4.

  • Verification of drive capacity (fake drives will fail this test.)

  • Check if two or more disks are identical at the click of a button.

Dedicated function buttons

  • CLONE will make a bit-for-bit duplicate of the drive. The target disk must be of same size or bigger than the source disk.
  • SMART CLONE analyzes the master disk and copies data from only areas of the disk in use. Different file system partitions; including but not limited to BTRFS, EXT3, EXT4 REISERFS, XFS, UFS, JFS, NTFS, FAT32, HFS+ and EXFAT are recognized. For special situations (e.g. full disk encryption) when the master disk needs to be copied bit for bit, the [raw] clone functionality will do a perfect job.  
  • FORMAT will quickly format all targets to FAT32, EXFAT, NTFS or EXT4. Formatting step is not necessary before cloning.
  • COMPARE will compare each partition on the target with those on the source disk. A bit-by-bit comparison of the whole disk is performed if no partitions are found on the master disk.
  • DRIVE CHECK will analyze each target and determine if they are damaged, fake i.e. reporting a higher capacity to the operating system than the actual memory chip capacity on board, or genuine.
  • ABORT button can be used to cancel operations without having to restart the device.

The duplicator has a secure wipe function that zeros all the bits on a drive thereby securely erasing all previous content. This feature can keep data from getting into the wrong hands and can be accessed with the FORMAT button.

The USB 3 ports are compatible with an USB 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 or 3.1 data storage device.

This device has one master and seven target ports.

Made in USA.

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