How to use Intulon DUP series duplicator

How to use Intulon DUP series duplicator

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Intulon DUP7 is a 7-target asynchronous copy USB duplicator. This means that the cloning operation begins automatically once a master and at least one target disk is present.

There is no button to press to initiate the clone operation.

Intulon DUP7 has a single button at the back of the device to select the type of clone operation to be performed by the device:

* FULL CLONE; This makes an exact copy of the master disk drive to the target drives. The duplicator does not inspect the data or try to make any sense of it. It simply copies the data bit for bit from master to target(s).

* SMART CLONE; When the file system on the master drive is of a known type, the duplicator can inspect the file system and determine which areas of the disk contains useful data. It will then go ahead and copy only the areas of the master that contains useful data to the target(s).

This approach has two potential advantages:

- The copy process will be relatively very fast compared to using CLONE if the master contains little data.

- It is possible to clone a master to a smaller disk size if the partition on the master is smaller than the actual master disk size and not bigger than the target.

Known filesystem types include but not limited to one of the following:


    EXT2, EXT3 or EXT4
    ReiserFS, Reiser4
    FAT12,, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT

    Since the SMART CLONE function relies on valid master partitions, the master disk must be in a "clean" state prior to using this copy mode. A clean state means the file system was properly dismounted. Improperly dismounted file systems might not work. In such a case, the copy operation will fail.

    Status code are as follows:

    R - Ready
    C - Copying
    F - Failed
    P - Passed



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