Duplicator firmware download

To download the latest firmware update for your duplicator, you need to first get the serial number for your duplicator.

Follow these steps to get your duplicator's serial number:

  1. Power down the duplicator. 
  2. Get a [cellphone] camera ready to take a picture of the duplicator screen when your serial number is displayed in the next steps.
  3. Power up the duplicator and press down the ABORT button immediately.
  4. The serial number is displayed for 20 seconds while the ABORT button is help down. Take a picture of the screen or memorize the serial number while it is displayed.

Once you have the serial number, download the specific firmware for your duplicator using the following URL format:

https://www.intulon.com/firmware/[Serial_Number].zip e.g. https://www.intulon.com/firmware/AD897CAC777.zip

Don't forget to append ".zip" to the serial number as shown!